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Date: June 20-21, 2014tetrathlon image


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A Lits of Questins based on Tetrathlon Rule Book Click Here
Handout on Bio-security, Concussions, & Heat Illnesses - 
A list of questions based on Delmarva handouts:
2013 Study Guide on Bio-security, Concussions, & Heat Illnesses
Note:  Not a rulebook, but competitors are expected to know this information and questions regarding it will be included.
  • 10 & Under Boys/10 & Under Girls
    • Age: 10 & Under, Shoot: 10/resting, Run: 500m, Swim: 50m, Jump: 18” or poles
  • Pre-Novice Boys/Pre-Novice Girls
    • Age: 11-13, Shoot: 10/2 hands stand, Run: 500m, Swim: 50m, Jump: 2’3”
  • Novice Boys/Novice Girls 
    • Age: 11-12, Shoot: 20/2 hands stand, Run: 1000m, Swim: 100m, Jump: 2’9”
  • Intermediate Boys/Intermediate Girls
    • Age: 13 & Up, Shoot: 20/1 hand, Run: 1000m, Swim: 100m, Jump: 2’9”
  • Junior Boys/Junior Girls
    • Age: 13-16, Shoot: 20/1 hand, Run: 2000m, Swim: 200m, Jump: 3’3"
  • Senior Boys/ Senior Girls
    • Age: 16 & Up, Shoot: 20/1 hand, Run: 3000m, Swim: 200m, Jump: 3’7”

Teams: Each team will consist of three or four riding competitors. Any Pony Club Member in Good Standing with a suitable mount and the maturity to handle competition at this level is welcome. We will attempt to combine individuals from different clubs to make up teams if necessary. Teams may be a mix of all rating levels and ages.

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Eligibility of Rider: Competitor must be in good standing with his/her local club.  All local, regional, and national dues must be paid for the current year.  The age of the member on January 1st shall be maintained throughout the Rally year.  The District Commissioner must certify the eligibility of the competitor and mount at all Rallies. 

Eligibility of Mount: Competitors are expected to provide their own mounts.  Mounts may be shared by up to 3 competitors.  No mount may be used for more than 3 rounds per day.  Rally Organizer is not responsible for horse matching.    

Coaches/Chaperones: Please refer to Section 1 of the 2013 USPC Tetrathlon Rulebook.