Sending a Team to a Rally


  • Make sure your club calendar of activities take into account the different rallies and camps offered by the region. 
  • Make sure your members understand what to expect at different rallies. 
  • If your club/center cannot for a complete team, encourage your members to join a scratch team. Contact the rally organizer, and they will find a suitable team for them.
  • Does your club own team equipment for the rally. Check here for the list of required equipment. 
  • Make sure your team has a chaperone. Always check with the organizer about how many volunteers they will need from your club. 
  • Some rallies require a Stable Manager as part of the team. Stable Managers are Team Members, Not Grooms! Here is a job description for stable mangers. Forward this to your team and make sure each participant understands the value of a stable manager. 
  • Here are some form that are needed for all rallies:
  • Here are the Rule Books and Newsletters that you might need. Make sure the team is familiar with the rules before the day of the rally.