Rules and Guidelines

Guidelines for Remsen Road


141 Remsen Rd. 
Medina Ohio 44256 USA
To increase the number of mounted opportunities for our members, the Bath Pony Club has trick-riding-1conducted free structured lessons on Thursday evenings and trail riding and light schooling on Sunday afternoons at the Remsen Road facility when time permits.  The response has been good.


The Thursday evening lessons have focused on rally and rating preparation.  For example, the June lessons were specific to riding a Tetrathalon Rally jump course.  Late June and early July lessons were focused on Dressage in preparation for the Dressage Rally.  For several weeks in July the lessons have focused on Event Rally skills.   Whereas the weekly lessons (for which we pay fees) target general skills, the Thursday lessons have served to prepare our members for USPC competitions and ratings.  The Thursday program has been well-attended. We are fortunate to have several qualified parent volunteers to oversee and conduct these sessions.

The Sunday afternoon opportunities have been less regular, because they often coincide with rallies and horse shows.  They should become more regular and popular in the fall when the members are less able to ride on weekdays. 

To maintain safety and control of the grounds,  I propose the following guidelines for these sessions. Please review and add your recommendations to assure that they serve the needs of the members.


1. Always arrange to ride with a BPC-approved volunteer mounted instructor.  

2. Wear appropriate attire and safety gear.  Cross country vests are required for cross country riding.  Proper footwear and headgear are also required.

3. Horses, tack, and riders should be “Pony Club clean.”  They should meet the standards for the rating.  Refer to the USPC Turn-Out Inspection Sheet available on the USPC website.

4. Do not mount until you have received a safety check from your instructor. 

5. Do not jump without a BPC-approved instructor present and directing the exercise. Undirected schooling over jumps is not permitted, regardless of your age or rating.

6. When the grounds are wet, confine riding to roads and rings.

7. Do not ride when thunderstorms are imminent. If a thunderstorm arises while riding, return immediately, load your horse in its trailer, and close the ramp so that it does not touch the ground.

8. If you break something, please fix it.  If you cannot fix it, have debris moved out of the way and inform the DC. 

9. Take note of any damage or hazards on the grounds and inform the DC.

10. If an accident occurs, an adult must file a report promptly and inform the DC immediately.  The forms are in the Concession Stand. 

11. Listen to your instructor at all times. 

12. Your conduct should be Rally conduct.

13. If you take equipment out of the barn, please put it away when you are done.

14. Please take your trash with you when you leave.

15. If you are the last one on the grounds, please lock the concession stand and the gates.

16. Be courteous to your fellow Pony Clubbers and your instructor.  Thank people who help you.


1. Perform safety checks on the riders before they mount.  Check helmets, chinstraps, bridles, girths, and boots. Note the condition of hooves and legs. Check girths midway through the session or if riders re-mount.

2. Allow at least 15 minutes of organized flat work before proceeding to trails or jumping.  Observe each mount to evaluate soundness and fitness.  Do not allow unsound or unfit horses to participate in the day’s session.  Explain your concerns to the member and parents.

3. Do not require members to  jump to the height or width limit of their rating.  Save this for the professional instructors.

4. Do not over-school. Accidents tend to occur when the riding has gone well and we want to add just one more jump.

5. The water jump is deceptively difficult.  Jumping out is not easy for the horses because of the depth of the water.  We have had two serious accidents in the last two years as a result. Fortunately, no one was permanently affected.   Banks are similarly difficult.  When in doubt, skip big challenges and err on the side of safety.

6. A rider who does not cooperate is required to dismount and leave.  Report such problems to the DC.

7. Be discreet and tactful with your comments to members and parents. They are the foundation of our club.


The following volunteers have helped with trail rides, flat work, or jumping now and in the past.  Others may be added. 

Jeni Gaffney
Karen Hooser
Laura Podboy
Connie Wyatt
Lisa Hennings