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DC-CA Guide Preface
United States Pony Clubs, Inc. has continued to evolve and grow ever since its inception in 1954. No more so than in recent years. 2011 saw many instances of our continued evolution. This is a very exciting time to be a part of this great organization. 
Just a few examples include the fact that we now allow our members to work their way through the “certificate” and “certification” system without having to jump, have included a track for young equestrians who prefer the world of Hunt Seat Equitation and will be undergoing an alpha test to include those who prefer a Western saddle! While some of our ranks would rather we only participated with the traditional English riding disciplines of eventing, dressage and show jumping, Pony Club recognizes that in order to remain a part of our members’ lives, we must be flexible and more inclusive. Pony Club’s Horse Management curriculum is still second to none in the equine industry and is only getting better each year! 
Will this evolution continue? Of course, it will. We need to keep our organization vibrant and current with today’s fast passed society, offering opportunities for young equestrians across the country to be part of Pony Club.
We are currently developing exciting training tools for our leadership, looking into a restructure of the 
organization and implementing a new website/data base system with many other wonderful enhancements to help our members, their families and our organization’s leaders. 
As always, we thank our leaders for the hard work and dedication they provide to our members and to United States Pony Clubs, Inc. 
April Smith and Jennifer Sweet
Vice President of Regional Administration