• Candidates of mounted tests will now be eligible to re-test part of their riding test.
  • The C3, B and A Traditional, Dressage and Show Jumping re-test:  A candidate may re- test part of their riding test if they have not passed one section of their riding test. 
  • The H-HM/H/H-A re-test: A candidate may re-test two of the following sections;
    • the longeing 
    • bandaging 
    • teaching
  • The H-B re-test: A candidate may re-test up to five sections of the test. All re-tests will take place before December 31st of the calendar year.
  • Note: A candidate may re-test only if the candidate qualifies for a re-test, and the original National Examining test panel has recommended the candidate to re-test.
  • Retest will be conducted within established National Level Testings
  • Candidates have until August 31 of the following year to complete a Re-Test
  • Only those Candidates aging out must complete their Re-Test prior to the end of the year and may request special accomodations for a Re-TestAll application materials (including paperwork & fee) is due 3 wks before test date.
  • Retests may not happen sooner then 1 month  prior to the initial test.
  • The fee to Re-Test is $60 and must be submitted with the Application to Re-Test
  • Retest Eligibility:
    • The A re-test: A candidate may re-test a section of the test (riding) they have not passed. If the candidate does not pass one section of their test and is successful in all other parts of the test they may re-test that one section.
    • The B and C-3 re-tests: A candidate may re-test a section of the riding test they have not passed. In addition we will continue to allow the candidate to re-test either bandaging or longing. Maximum sections allowed for DNMS is 2 sections, one riding, and one of longeing or bandaging.
    • The H-HM/H/H-A re-test: A candidate may re-test two of the following sections; the longeing, bandaging or teaching.
    • The H-B re-test: A candidate may re-test up to five sections of the test.