Rally Kits


Grooming Kit(s)
per mount

- Hoof Pick
- Rub Rag
- Dandy Brush (hard bristles)
- Body Brush (soft bristles)
- Wet Wipes  or 2 sponges marked "dock" and "face"
- Rubber or Plastic currycomb (capable of cleaning brushes)
- Body Sponge
- Scraper
-Wash Bucket- Marked "Wash Only"

Human First Aid Kit
per team, easily accessible
sufficient supplies for all team members
- 1 Extra Medical Armband with blank USPC Medical Card
- Band-aids
- Triple Antibiotic Cream
- 3 Pair Latex or Vinyl Gloves
- Sunscreen
- Human Bug Spray

Tack Cleaning Kit
per team
- Plain Bar Soap
- Tack Oil or Conditioner
-Saddle Soap
- Metal Polish
- Tack Sponge
- Cleaning Cloths
- Drying Baskets for Sponges
- Boot Hocks (if tall boots are used)
- Boot Jack (if tall boots are used)

Feeding Equipment
for Overnight Rallies Only
per team and/ or mount

- Rider Numbers
- Feed Charts (posted in feed area)
- Feed Measure
( pre-packaged or scale or scoop/ can)
- Appropriate Feed Storage
- Heavy Duty Feed Tub
- Top Off Bucket

( filled &left outside stall at night intack room or feed room during day)

- Salt Block
(loose salt acceptable; note on feed chart)

Cleaning Equipment
per team
-Manure Fork or Shovel
- Rake or Broom
- Manure Basket or Wheelbarrow

Extra Polocrosse Equipment
per team
sufficient to fit all team mounts/members
- Extra Racket
- Breastplate(s)
- 2 Pair Boots or Bandages
- 2 Pair Bell Boots


 Equine First Aid Kit
 per team, easily accessible
- Petroleum Jelly
- Digital Thermometer (or Veterinary Thermometer with Thong & Clip)
- Liniment
- Isporopyl Alcohol
- Antimicrobial or Antiseptic Scrub
- Tropical Antibacterial or Antimicrobial or Antibiotic Agent
- 4" Sterile Wound Dressing
1 Roll Gauze (2" min width)
- 1 lb Roll 12" Absorbent Cotton
- 2 Flexible Stretch Adhesive/ Cohesive Bandage
- Bandage Scissors (capable of cutting bandage)
- 1 Roll Adhesive Tape (1" min width)
- 4 Leg Bandages with Appropriate Padding for 4 Stable Wraps

Utility Kit
per team
- Hammer
- Nails
- Screwdriver
- Pliers
- Jack Knife (capable of cutting through rope)
- Leather Punch
- Thumb Tacks
- Duct Tape
- Two Pony Club Pins

Individual Equipment
per competitor
- Rider Numbers
- Saddle Racks
- Bridle Racks (one per bridle)
- Boot Trees for Tall Leather Boots (leg & toe)

Tack Room Equipment
per team
- Team/ Individual Identification
(Posted by entrance)
- Flashlight (hung by entrance)
- Charged Fire Extinguisher-
Type A or ABC (hung by entrance)
- Notice Board
- Trash Container
- USPC HM Handbook & Rules for Rallies (current and complete)
- Discipline Rulebook
(current & complete)

Extra Equipment
per team
sufficient to fit all team mounts/ members
- 2 Extra Lead Ropes, One w/ Chain Shank
- Halter(s) (adjustable)
- Complete Bridle(s) with Bit(s)
- Girth(s)
- Pair Stirrup Leathers & Irons
- 2 Rubber Boots for Peacock Irons (if peacock irons are used)