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US Pony Club Rally - Club Forms:

Top Ten Epic Fails in Horse Management <---- Very Good Read !

Your first Rally as a member of Bath Pony Club click here

Rally Prep Overview and Checklist Cohutta Highlanders Pony Club click here

What Happens at a Rally -   Visual Summary - click here     Text Summary - click here

Rally Team Selection Policy -  click here
An explanation of how Shore Riders teams members are selected for rallies 

Rally Sign-up Do's and Don'ts - click here  
Read this short list of things to consider when wanting to sign-up to a pony club rally.  The second page includes a check list to make sure you have done what is necessary to participate.

Horse Inspection Procedures (Jogs) -  click here 

Saftey Check List - click here

Turnout Rubrics - click here

At national & international equestrian competitions the competitor is required to 'jog' their mount before a panel of officials.  This is called a Horse Inspection, commonly referred to as "Jogs", and is done to demonstrate the soundness of the horse prior to competing.  Horse Inspections are required for all mounted sports at USPC National Championships.  At regional rallies, while not always required, rally officials/judges could require it of any competitor if deemed necessary for the safety of the mount and rider.  

Stall Card - click here - pdf Version
Save on your computer, add a picture of your horse, type in the member's information, and print it.  You MUST bring a Stall Card to every USPC competition.  Slipping the stall card into a plastic sleeve will keep it clean and reusable for the next rally.

Rally Box Equipment List -Shore Riders PC Example click here USPC Check List
This is a list of all the equipment that each team MUST have at a rally.  The club owns this equipment and it is stored and transported in a large tack trunk (called a 'rally box").  A member of the team will transport the rally box to the rally.  Please note;  each team is REQUIRED to do an equipment check of all the required equipment at least 1 week prior to the competition.  All members of the competing team must be present.  This meeting is usually set up by the team captain or stable manager.  

Rally RIDER Equipment List -Provided by Shore Riders PC click here
Along with the team's required equipment, each rider is required to bring their own individual equipment (tack, grooming, attire, etc.)  This is a list of the rider's required equipment. 

Example Rally Trunk Map - click here
This is a diagram of how to arrange the rally equipment inside the big rally trunk.

Medical Insert Card - click here
No rider will be allowed to compete without a medical armband with a current medical insert card.  This is the medical card that needs to be filled out and inserted into your medical armband.  (You should have received one medical armband when you joined Shore Riders.   You can purchase additional armbands from the club treasurer ($7), or on-line at the USPC Bookstore

Stable Manager Responsibilities  - Shore riders PC click here
With few exceptions, each mounted rally team must have a 'stable manager' on their team.  The stable manager is responsible for the organization of all items relating to the care and safety of the mounts.  This document details the Stable Manager's job.

Stable Manager Rally Check List -  click here Job Discription click here Responsibilities click here
This is a 2 page check list of the tasks to be done by/with the team's Stable Manager. 

Rally Recap -
Within a week after the end of a competition the Team members should send out Thank You cards to the Hosting club.
Coaches - Coaches are allowed at USPC rallies.  Generally, the club will designate a coach for the team.  Often the coach is a club parent and there will be no fee to the riders.  And at other rallies, the club will hire a coach and the fee will be divided among the club's riders.   The DC will notify those attending the rally who the coach will be and what the fee, if any, will be.  

    Coaches must identify themselves to the rally officials at the start of the rally, abide by USPC coaching guidelines, and sign a form indicating they have reviewed these guidelines.  Below are the coaching guidelines:      Coaches Guidelines & Form for USPC Click Here

Parents: Please consider become a Chaperone click here