BPC Policies and Procedures

Policies and Procedures

Policies and Procedures for Bath Pony Club 2011

(Revised January 2010)

Article 1. Purpose and Approval

1.1 Purpose

These policies are written to establish the standard criteria and processes for the management of the operations and activities of Bath Pony Club (hereinafter BPC). The policies shall not lessen the powers and authority granted the Club District Commissioner (hereinafter DC) under the rules, regulations, policies and By-laws of the United States Pony Clubs, Inc (hereinafter USPC), the By laws of Regions and the By-laws of Registered Clubs.


1.2 Mission

The mission of the USPC is to provide a program for youth that teaches riding, mounted sports, and the care and humane treatment of horses and ponies, thereby developing responsibility, moral judgment, leadership and self-confidence.


1.3 Changes and Approval

Any officer or Sponsor of the Club may propose a policy amendment. The Sponsors shall review all policies and amendments. New policy drafts and proposed amendments shall be crafted by the Club Policy Committee and shall become effective when adopted by the Sponsors and approved by the Regional Supervisor subject to review by the Vice President of Regional Administration.


1.4 Deviations and Waivers

In situations with special circumstances, the DC has the authority to grant deviations to or waivers of club policy, provided the deviation or waiver does not conflict with the current By-laws or policies of the USPC or the Tri-State Region (hereinafter TRSPC). In such situations the DC must consult with the Executive Committee prior to any deviation.


Article II. Club Organization

Bath Pony Club encompasses the counties of Cuyahoga, Geauga, Lorain, Medina and Summit. Our club colors are Red with White.Our logo shows the USPC logo in Red, with BATH PONY CLUB boldly printed below in red on a white background. Our Banners are the reverse of this.Our membership has a history of a high level of participation in regional rallies and is proud of their commitment to their horses and to horse management.


2.1 Club Committees

(a) The Executive Committee will include all officers and committee chairs of the club and will work to assist the DC to make plans for the club. The Executive Committee will meet at least four times a year and more often as necessary, as determined by the DC. Each of the following committees will report to the DC quarterly and more as needed. It will also prepare a written report to submit at the annual sponsors meeting each year.

(b) The Nominating Committee is nominated by the DC for election by Club Sponsors at least 3 months before the date of the required Annual Meeting of Sponsors. The Committee should consist of at least 3 sponsors, but no more than 5. The Committee shall select one of its members to serve as the Chair. The Committee must prepare a slate of officers for presentation by the Chairperson at the Annual Sponsors Meeting of those persons that they believe will best serve the needs of the club. The slate must include nominations for the elected positions of: Secretary, Treasurer and Instructional Coordinator and the names of those proposed to be put forward to the RS for consideration as appointments to the jobs of DC and Jt-DC.

(c) The Policy Committee will be appointed by the DC each year, including the appointment of a committee chair. This committee will meet at least once a year to go over club policies and propose to the Sponsors any necessary changes or additions. This committee will work closely with the communications committee and is directly accountable to the DC.

(d) The Instructional Committee shall be chaired by the Joint DC and includes the appointed Instructional Co-ordinators (IC) and Coaches who will be working with the members to prepare for rally. The committee will oversee all the team paperwork for any upcoming rally. The Committee must work closely with the DC and the Executive Committee in planning the Instructional program of the club for the year. This committee will meet at least quarterly to plan mounted and unmounted activities as needed prior to and after each rally.

(e) The Fund Raising Committee will be appointed by the DC. It will be responsible for all fundraising events, including merchandizing and organizing. These events will include, but are not limited to: Dressage Schooling Show, Hunter Paces, and sale of any food or merchandise at other optional events, including regional sponsored events.

2.2 Coaches – The DC shall be responsible for the selection/appointment of persons to serve as the coach for rally teams as may be indicated. Cost of coaching fees will be shared equally by all members who participate in the activity.

2.3 Club Sponsors – (refer to Bylaws of the USPC and Bylaws of Registered Clubs for more specific information on duties and responsibilities of Club Sponsors)


Article III. Membership and Parent Roles/Responsibilities


3.1 Members

(a) New Members - Each member will receive an official USPC pin and welcoming letter, with a current copy of the BPC policies when joining BPC. Members are expected to attend and participate actively in meetings, clinics and other events with a good, positive, polite and cooperative attitude.

(b) Age of members - The members of BPC must be at least 8 years of age when joining or not be older than 25 years by January 1 of the current year. A member’s age is their age as of January 1st of that year, For example, a Pony Club member who turns 10 in February would be considered to be 9 years of age for all rallies and activities for that calendar year. All new members must be able to control their mounts at a walk and trot


3.2 Delightful D Program

Children under the age of 8 may join the Club without a mounted evaluation. Such members will take their instruction under the Delightful D program. The Delightful D program will be managed by a qualified individual designated as the Delightful D Coordinator approved by the DC and the Instructional Coordinator. The program will focus on horse management and preparation for mounted instruction. Mounted activities will be permitted subject to the approval of the DC and the Instructional Coordinator. Prior to beginning the program, the Delightful D Coordinator will present a proposed schedule of activities and locations to the DC and the Instructional Coordinator, who will review them with the Executive Committee and the Sponsors.


3.3 Mounts (refer to USPC Policy 0135)

Ownership of a mount is not a requirement for membership in the USPC or BPC, but the club cannot guarantee a mount for the use of any member at mounted activities. Members of BPC are expected to have access to the use of a mount for club activities. It is not the responsibility of the club to provide transportation for mounts to club and regional activities; this is the responsibility of the member and/or parent. Stallions are never considered an acceptable mount. Mounts must be serviceably sound and in good health and fit for the activity. Mounts must be appropriate to the rating level of the rider and considered safe for instruction in that activity. Mounts must be at least five years of age to participate in USPC or BPC programs, except “B” rated and up members may participate in noncompetitive activities on mounts that are 4 years of age.


3.4 Member Dues

Member dues include national, regional and local club dues and are payable annually, renewable each fall at the time of the club Annual Meeting of Sponsors. National and regional dues are paid to the club, which then submits the required amount to either USPC or TRSPC. Club dues are established by the Sponsors and are used to defray administrative expenses of the club or financially supported mounted lessons, clinics, rallies or ratings. National and regional dues carry a late fee if not paid by specified deadlines.


3.5 Bath Boosters

Bath Pony Club has established the Bath Boosters program to assist in funding BPC activities. Each family with a child member of Bath Pony Club must secure a Bath Booster for each rider in the club. The Booster may be the family itself or a business or individual in the community. The Booster fee is $125.00 for the first year that an individual or company pays, and subsequent years are renewable at $100.00. Payment in full is due by April 1 of each year. In the case of hardship, written arrangement must be made with the DC.


3.6 Members in Good Standing

In order to be eligible to participate in rallies or continue to progress through the rating levels, each member must be in good standing. To be considered a Member in Good Standing of the BPC one must:

Have paid all national, regional and local dues on time and have no outstanding debts Actively participate in at least 1/3 of all mounted meetings and 1/3 of unmounted meetings Attend activities with a kind, respectful, positive, cooperative attitude toward others. Come to meetings ready to participate and learn. Be prepared to help with and “give back” to the club and region by volunteering and teaching within the club and region. Whose family fulfills its volunteer responsibilities.

It is understood that those members who are away at school or have other extenuating circumstances may not be able to meet the criteria as stated in this policy. The DC has the authority to take special situations into consideration and may make alternative arrangements with those members who, for extenuating circumstances, are not able to meet these expectations. In such cases, the member needs to apply in writing to the DC explaining their situation.


3.7 Parent Roles/Responsibilities

Parent involvement is essential to the success of a club program. The DC needs the help of club sponsors and parents and their support to plan, organize and implement the instructional programs and other club activities.

Parents will commit to getting their child and mount to club activities on time and assist their child as may be needed. Parents will be sure they are informed of club deadlines and work to assist their child in meeting stated deadlines for paperwork and applications. Parents will have a good understanding of what their child may need to assist them as they prepare for rating progression (books and printed materials) Parents will communicate regularly with the DC All Parents are invited and encouraged to become a Sponsor of the club. All parents are encouraged to serve on at least one club committee

All parents are required to participate in fund raising opportunities, such as helping with the Dressage Schooling Show, Mini-Trial or the Hunter Paces. If the parent is not able to fulfill these duties, they must make alternative arrangements with the DC.


Article IV. Instructional Programs – Unmounted and Mounted

Unmounted meetings are scheduled in the winter and as needed throughout the summer. Location will be determined and members are notified of the location in advance. Mounted meetings are scheduled once a week, determined by weather, location and coach/clinician availability and Rally necessity.


4.1 Unmounted Meetings

(a) Club members play an active role in the unmounted instructional program. Each unmounted session involves an adult and a club member teaching a specified topic/activity. C1 and above members (upper level) are required to teach at least one activity to members during the year but are encouraged to participate more.


4.2 Mounted Meetings

(a) Mounted riding lessons are arranged once a week starting early in the spring continuing throughout the summer. The IC will divide up the members into appropriate riding groups according to their rating and skills. Lesson times and location will be arranged by the IC in agreement with the members. The DC and IC will decide on a suitable instructor for the members.

 (b) Upper level members (C1 and above) are required to teach to fulfill their club and regional duties. Upper level members should present a written lesson plan to the IC. After approval, a date can be arranged for the member to teach their lesson to the club.

(c) Additional Instruction: Prior to rallies extra instruction is often required. A parent, possibly with the help of an upper level member, should take on the coaching duties and will require weekly meetings to prepare for the rally. Likewise, prior to other mounted meetings, the coach may require meeting more often to prepare for the rally. Members and parents should know that in order to prepare for the competition, members are required to attend at least 1/2 of these meetings to compete in a Rally. Any instructional fees or costs related to these extra meetings are the responsibility of the member wanting to participate. At the discretion of the DC, these meetings may count toward required meeting participation.


Article V. Ratings

Club, regional and national ratings are not competitive events, but the examination of a child’s knowledge and skills on a particular day to determine if the child is “safe” at the next level. Pushing a child beyond a safe skill level can be mentally destructive and physically dangerous. USPC has established levels of proficiency, each one a building block for the next. These levels or ratings are outlined in the Standards of Proficiency. Rating tests are the means for evaluating each member against this list of skills to determine their level of knowledge and proficiency. Please refer to the current Standards of Proficiency for each rating level for the requirements and guidelines for each level. All members rating for the first time are generally rated to the D1 level. A new member that is more experienced may rate up as far as the D3 level. Any subsequent ratings are done one level at a time. No rating level may be skipped.


5.1 Eligibility to Rate

Members must be a Member in Good Standing and be recommended by the DC to rate within the club or at a rating outside the club. All flow charts must be completed and submitted to the DC or the IC 3 weeks prior to the date of the rating. Each rating candidate for club level ratings (D1-C2) must submit a letter of intent to the DC at least 30 days prior to the rating date. This letter should include what they have done to prepare for this rating, including instruction, competitive experiences, participation in club activities and what they have given back to the club and to the region. They should include any other information they feel is related to their preparation for this rating, club or National.


5.2 Frequency of Ratings

The club will schedule ratings twice per year; usually in the spring and fall.


5.3 Cost of Ratings

The DC and IC will find qualified examiners for each rating. The cost for each rating may depend on the number of candidates to be rated on that occasion. Any cost will be evenly divided between those being rated and each candidate is expected to pay their share. The club does not pay for any portion of the ratings.


5.4 Rating with Another Club

Sometimes it is not feasible for an examiner to come to our club to rate one or two people. When we have people who want to rate and a rating is not feasible in our club, the DC and IC will work with the candidate to find a rating within a reasonable distance at another club. The costs will be determined by the hosting club and will be the responsibility of the rating candidate. At all times, a candidate must ask for and have the permission of the DC to rate with another club.


5.5 National Ratings

The DC will establish a rating application deadline that is sufficient to allow time to meet the RS deadline and the USPC deadline. All candidates for upper level ratings must be considered a Member in Good Standing having met the club policy and in addition, have fulfilled the expectations of the Region’s Active Participation policy. All fees are the responsibility of the candidate. Candidates must be recommended to the RS by the DC.


5.6 Parent Responsibilities for Ratings

The parent is responsible to make themselves familiar with the requirements for each level and check to make sure their child has attained the skills for each level and completed all written requirements and submitted them on time and legibly. All parents must encourage their child to accept more responsibility for their rating preparation .Parents must be committed to getting the child to meetings, both mounted and un-mounted regularly and on time, and to supply them with the necessary supplies and equipment, including access to a safe, capable mount.


Article VI. Rallies 6.1 Rally Fees

Rally fees are determined by the rally organizer and it is the responsibility of each participant to pay for any fees and costs related to rally.


6.2 Rally Eligibility and Team Selection

In order to participate in rallies a member must be a Member in Good Standing of BPC, demonstrate an attitude of cooperation and have participated in at least 1/2 of all schedule preps specific to that rally. Based on the outcome of these preps the DC will consult with the instructors, coaches, club IC to determine that the member has the necessary skills and suitable mount to safely participate in a rally and at what level or division. The DC will determine placement on teams and will identify the team Captain(s) and team Stable Manager(s). The DC has the final authority on the decision of rally participation.


Article VII. Financial


7.1 Reimbursement of Allowed Expenses

Any club officer, parent or sponsor who incurred out of pocket expenses for an approved club activity of less than $50.00 will be reimbursed for these expenses upon presentation of all receipts. Requests for reimbursement must be made within 30 days of the completion of the activity. Any expenses totaling more than $50.00 must be pre-approved by the DC.


7.2 Fundraisers

Club fundraisers will help defray the expenses of the club. Each year at the Annual Meeting Club Sponsors will determine the Club Fund Rasing activities for the coming year based on the recommendations of the DC and Treasurer the Club Sponsors will determine the amount of money to be allocated for clinic and rally use at the Annual Meeting of Sponsors.


Article VIII. Scholarships

When financially able the club shall offer scholarships to help fund any member to further their educational experiences related to BPC. The Board will determine availability of scholarship funding in September and bring this proposal to the sponsors meeting with the budget for the following year. Upon availability of said scholarship funds, members shall be required to apply in writing to the District Commissioner at least 30 days before the camp, clinic or other event where the funds are to be utilized. The application should be accompanied by a brief essay stating what the member expects to learn and how the member plans to share the experience with the club. All applications will be reviewed by three board members before funds are released.


Article IX. Awards


9.1 Bath Pony Club Rebecca Andrew Award

Each year the membership and the board may recommend a member to receive the Rebecca Andrew Award. Qualifications for the award are as follows:

Must be an active member in good standing Participates in lessons, mounted and unmounted Consistently contributes time to the club throughout the year and over the time of their membership Shows leadership abilities throughout the year Shows initiative Is courteous and respectful to their parents, peers, mounts & equipment Is eager to learn and improve Becomes involved in teaching within Pony Club throughout the year Shows good moral judgment, responsibility and self confidence Has a friendly and pleasant disposition Is a good role model for our members

Nominations may be made between September and November. Input from past award recipients is an important factor that may help with the final decision. Final decision for the bestowment of the award will rest with the District Commissioner, or a person appointed by the District Commissioner. This award is a perpetual award and will reside with the recipient for the year after which it is awarded. The Bath Pony Club Rebecca Andrews award does not have to be awarded each year.


9.2 Tracy Strobel Outstanding Volunteer Award

Each year the board and the membership may nominate someone to receive the Outstanding Volunteer Award. The nominee does not necessarily need to be someone that has a member in the club. Qualities of the nominee are an individual who has contributed greatly to the volunteer needs of the club throughout the year or over time. Final decision for the bestowment of the award will rest with the District Commissioner, or a person appointed by the District Commissioner. This award is a perpetual award and will reside with the recipient for the year after which it is awarded. The award does not have to be awarded each year.