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 Regional Instructional Coordinator

Ellen Fischer RIC

Ellen has been active in the Tri-State Region since 1973 when after graduating from college with a degree in Physical Education she became Jt DC of Dutch Fork Hunt Pony Club as well as Whipper-In for the Hunt. She became Master of Foxhounds for DFH in 1976. Pony Club involvement has included, CHMJ, HMO, TD, Dressage Judge at Unrecognized Events, Committee member for Upper Level Testing and D & C Standards as well as being a National Examiner (30 years this year). According to Ellen, the highlight of her Pony Club activities was being honored at the Jubilee Celebration in 2004 as a "Legend" one of 212 people chosen from over 5000 nominations for service to Pony Club for a minimum of 25 years.

Outside of Pony Club Ellen spent five years as Executive Director of Peace Point Equestrian Center where duties included organizing IHSA, IDA & and IEA Horseshows, PRCA Rodeos, AERC Endurance Rides and Team Roping. In 2007, Peace Point hosted RFD-TV's Best of America By Horseback. Peace Point was also one of the first Pony Club Riding Centers. Ellen also served as Interim Director of Equine Studies at Bethany College while it was partnered with Peace Point and helped in developing the Equine Program at Bethany College.

Growing up in New York State Ellen had a brief involvement with Golden's Bridge Hounds Pony Club but without a horse she was unable participate in club activities. This is one of the reasons Ellen tries to provide horses for members of Peace Point Pony Club so they can have the opportunity she did not. While attending High School Ellen rode at Salem View Farm which was conveniently located next to her High school and run by George Morris. Foxhunting and Eventing followed college and today she participates in Cowboy Mounted Action Shooting. Ellen is still raising horses and one thing remains constant she is still actively involved in Pony Club, once again as a Joint District Commissioner.

Ellen Fischer

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Ratings Q & A
Q - I show Hunters rather than Event, does that make a difference at my Rating?
A - No, It should not matter what discipline you ride, it is the effectiveness of your riding that is evaluated. Many times I have heard statements to the effect of "my examiner was a Hunter, Dressage or Event (fill in blank) person and it was harder to please them. Examiners are put through extensive evaluations before they are allowed to test and effectiveness is the bottom line, not style.
Q - What happens if I fall off during my test, do I not meet standard?
A - A fall does not make or break your rating, it is how you deal with situation, understand the cause and correct situation. If multiple falls happen, then there is a problem 
Q - How important are Record Books?
A - Very important, they are designed to be a manual for someone else to continue to care for and ride your horse if a situation arises that you are unable to care for your horse for a period of time. It should be workmanlike and easy to follow, keep it simple and don't put in alot of unnecessary photos or information.
Q - Must I pass every part of each section on my test?
A - Most sections have multiple parts to them and you are expected to meet standard in a majority of them. No one is perfect and we do not expect that (that is what "exceed standard" is for.
Helpful Hints:
Make sure Examiner is aware of any issues with either you or your horse PRIOR to start of test (briefing is good time to discuss w/Examiner) We DO read your paperwork and Medical history but many times things are omitted when you send it in and things happen between when you send in and actually get to the test. Don't wait until after the fact as many times it is viewed as an excuse at that point. Examiners, contrary to urban legend are not two headed ogres who want to make life miserable for you at a Rating. We really want to pass everyone and bottom line is, the more prepared you are the easier the test will be. 
Ellen Fischer
USPC National Examiner


Horse Management Organizer


HMO - Horse Management Organizer (HMO).  Your HMO is the resource for Horse Management education for the region.  Look for bandaging and longeing clinics and annual Judge Training Programs for the region, judges at rallies and more!  

Melanie Stewart
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