My Daughter grew up with horses

"My daughter turned sixteen years old today; which is a milestone 
for most people. Besides looking at baby photos and childhood 
trinkets with her, I took time to reflect on the young woman my 
daughter had become and the choices she would face in the future. 
As I looked at her I could see the athlete she was, and determined 
woman she would soon be. 
I started thinking about some girls we knew in our town who were 
already pregnant, pierced in several places, hair every color under 
the sun, drop outs, drug addicts and on the fast track to no where, 
seeking surface identities because they had no inner self esteem. 
The parents of these same girls have asked me why I "waste" the 
Money on horses so my daughter can ride. I'm told she will grow out 
of it, lose interest, and discover boys and all kinds of things that 
try to pin the current generation's "slacker" label on my child. I 
don't think it will happen, I think she will love and have horses all 
her life. .......... 
Because my daughter grew up with horses she has compassion. She 
knows that we must take special care of the very young and the very 
old. We must make sure those without voices to speak of their pain 
are still cared for. 
Because my daughter grew up with horses she learned responsibility 
for others than herself. She learned that regardless of the weather 
you must still care for those you have the stewardship of. There are 
no "days off" just because you don't feel like being a horse owner 
that day. She learned that for every hour of fun you have there are 
days of hard slogging work you must do first.