Bath Pony Club Boosters

Bath Pony Club Boosters



Bath Pony Club Boosters (Instructional Program Sponsorship)

Bath Pony Club is a 50 year member of the United States Pony Clubs. This organization is a 501c3 non-profit group run entirely by volunteers.  We strive to provide a comprehensive instructional program to children ages 7-25. In order to fund the education of these children in both mounted instruction and un-mounted education, we require that each child obtain a sponsor to help off-set the cost of instructors. In return for sponsoring a child, you and/or your company's name will be listed on our pony club website as well as during our pony club events. Our education program is the foundation of our club for our youth!  

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Bath Boosters:

Ann & Larry Baird
Battko Family
Brown Family
Cheryl Levanduski
Curran Family
Diane Szarka
Dick and Janine Patterson
Dix Family
Fairmount Minerals Foundation
Hennings Family
Hi-D Photography
Hickory Lane Farm
Hooser Family
Joanne & Frank De Goey
Joyce and Dick Patterson Sr.
Laura Woods
Lukehart Family
Madberry Ranch
Mansky Family
Patterson Family
Podboy Family
Rust Family
Spicy Lamb Farm
Sullivan Family
The Visiting Vet
Top Notch Tree Service
Wendy Padgett
Willow Creek Veterinary Service