Tetrathlon International 2014

 International Exchanges give older Pony Club Members a once in a lifetime opportunity for a cultural,  educational and competitive team experience. It is an honor to be selected to represent the United States  Pony Clubs on an International Exchange Team. Whether hosted in the United States or abroad, each team  represents USPC and the United States as ambassadors.
 Every other year The United States Pony Clubs participates in an International Tetrathlon Exchange with  Great Britain, Ireland, Australia and the U.S. The International Tetrathlon Exchange is a two-week tour, with  the hosting of the exchange rotating among the countries involved. The 2014 Exchange will take place July  5th – 20th in Perth, Australia.
 During their time in Australia, the Team can expect to enjoy some of the world's best beaches, an outback  experience, tour of the major gold mining center, and close encounters with Kangaroos and Koalas! The  Tetrathlon competition will take place July 16th - 20h. While competition is part of the tour, the main goal of  all Pony Club International Exchanges is the cultural experience of making new friends, learning about and  experiencing the customs of the host country, and meeting Pony Club families from around the world.
We are pleased to announce The 2014 International Tetrathlon Exchange Team selected to represent the  United States Pony Clubs:
Emily Andrews, Delmarva Region

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Emily Rust, Tri-State Region
Lexi Denning, NYUC Region
Sam Denning, NYUC Region
Samantha Firby, Carolina Region
Mack Stehlin, New Jersey Region
Mac Morris, Carolina Region
Coach: Suzanne Stettinius, Maryland Region
Chaperone: Eileen Kirby, Delmarva Region
For more information about any of the USPC International Exchange Programs, visit the Pony Club web site at ponyclub.org