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2014 Dressage Qualifying Rally


Date: June 8, 2014dressage image

Location: Buckeye Horse Park

2014 Drassage Rally Omnibus

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Deadline:  No refunds after entries close

Top Ten Epic Fails in Horse Management <---- Very Good Read !

Teams: Each team will consist of four riding competitors (or three, if necessary) and one Stable Manager. Any Pony Club Member in Good Standing with a suitable mount and the maturity to handle two days of competition at this level is welcome. We will attempt to combine individuals from different clubs to make up teams if necessary. Teams may be a mix of all rating levels and ages.

USPC - Dressage Website 

Handout on Bio-security, Concussions, & Heat Illnesses - 
A list of questions based on Delmarva handouts:
2013 Study Guide on Bio-security, Concussions, & Heat Illnesses
Note:  Not a rulebook, but competitors are expected to know this information and questions regarding it will be included.
HM Rules Study Guide Click Here
A list of questions based on the USPC 2012 Dressage Rulebook: Click Here




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2012 USPC Dressage Championships Qualifying Information


USPC Handbook and Rules for Dressage 2012



Depending on entries, at USPC Championships the teams will be divided into: 
  • Training Level teams
  • First Level and up teams

Participants must have reached the age of 12 as of January 1st of the current year and must have attained a rating of at least C1 and up and must be a "Member in Good Standing" as defined in their club or center policies.

NOTE: For First Level and up or Quadrille teams, one member may be a D-3. In addition, all participants must ride at Championships at the same rating at which they competed at the regional qualifying rally.

They must ride Test 1 twice and Test 3 of their qualifying level once.; or Test 1 of Third and Fourth Level twice and Test 3 of their qualifying level once.


1. All riders at Championships must ride a Musical Freestyle or become a partner in a Pas de Deux.


2. Bs, HAs and As wishing to compete on a regional team at Championships do not have to qualify at a regional rally, but must have the permission of their RS.



1. In addition to the following requirements, in order to compete in Dressage Championships, a member must be a minimum of 12 years of age and a C-1.

NOTE: For First Level and up or Quadrille teams, one member may be a D-3.

2. Selections to the Championships team will be decided by criteria established by the Annual Dressage Newsletter, this Rulebook, and any regional requirements published. A regional rally must have all competitors compete at least the two tests as listed below for them to be eligible to attend Championships. All individual Horse Manage - ment penalties must be included in the qualifying scores used to select competitors for Championships. If any competitors are to be considered for a regional team, it will be necessary for the Scorers to calculate all individual scores as well as scores of teams competing. Before making final selections, it is advisable to meet with those competitors who have qualified for Championships to determine which riders may wish to go.

Before making final selections, it is advisable to meet with those competitors who have qualified for Championships  to determine which riders may wish to go.

3. Training through Fourth Level: To qualify for a team, a rider must ride Test 1 and Test 3 plus a Freestyle or Pas de Deux of the level.

4. At Championships, a rider will ride Test 1 and Test 3, plus a Freestyle or a Pas de Deux of the level. On a 4-rider team, the lowest score will be dropped. On a 3-rider team, all scores will count. The team with the greater number of points after the Horse Management penalties have been subtracted from the percentages scores counted in each round will be the USPC Champions.


1. Substitution of Mount. Mount and rider qualify for national competitions as a team. Therefore, a competitor may enter a national competition only on the mount he/she used at the qualifying rally. In extraordinary circumstances, after being entered in a national competition, a mount may be substituted upon the recommendation of the Regional Supervisor and with the advance permission of the Vice President of Activities and the Dressage Chair. No mount substitution may be made once a competition has commenced. The Dressage Chair, in exercising its discretion to permit the substitution of a mount, shall consider this a very unusual event to be approved only when circumstances make it unreasonable to replace the entire combination of mount and rider.

2. Substitution of Rider. If a rider qualifies for Cham pion - ships and cannot go, the next qualified rider is then substituted. 
3. Withdrawn Mount. A mount withdrawn during competition and remaining on site with the team shall be subject to Horse Management judging. 
4. ‘Exceptions and Exemptions Procedures’ are available under ‘forms’ on the USPC website.

USPC Dressage Newsletter 2012

2012 Dressage TestsThe tests and score sheets will be the 2011 USEF versions, except as follows: The 2011 USDF Musical Freestyle score sheets will be used for all levels except Training Level, which will use the 2011 USPC score sheet, found on the USPC Dressage page: www.dressage.ponyclub.org

Championships 2012

Championships will offer the following divisions:

A) Training Level Championships

B) First Level & Up Championships

C) Quadrille Championships 


Tri State Championships Qualifying Information