Conducting a Club Level Certifications


  • Be familiar with the Standards of Proficiency, test sheets and flow charts. Standards of proficiency was updated in 2012. Check here to learn about what is new. 
  • Make sure your candidates know what to expect at the testing. 
  • Offer at least two opportunities to test in a year. If your club / center is not able to provide a testing, check with the region or your neighbouring clubs. 
  • Secure examiners for the test. Contact your Regional Instruction Coordinator, if you need help finding an examiner.   
  • Finalize a test date and announce it to your members. Plan on completing all sections of the test in one day. 
  • It is always a good idea to have an Impartial Observer for the testing. This could be an adult who is not related to the examiner or the candidates. An IO works on keeping the testing running according to the schedule and also as a communication channel between the parents observing the rating and the examiner. 
  • After the testing, fill out the ratings update form to update the national office and the Regional Supervisor.