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These are some of the study materials, worksheets, aids, and documents we use to prepare our members for the Delmarva regional Quiz Rally.  The study group sessions are scheduled for the winter months, usually beginning in November and ending in February.   These worksheets are NOT intended for self study;  they have been designed to be used in a leader/group setting whereby the leader will help the students complete the worksheet.  All worksheets are for the D level USPC member.  

Most of the worksheets are designed so a non-horseman can facilitate the study group with very little research.  However, the leader should review the information beforehand and have the USPC manuals available for reference.  The information contained on the worksheets are primarily from the USPC Manual on Horsemanship, D Level.  And some handouts are from the excellent websites of USPC Middle California Region (http://midcalponyclub.org/) and the Cohutta Highlanders Pony Club. We don't mind if you use these worksheets for your club's study groups, but please retain credit to the author as indicated on the worksheet.  And, finally, we are only human;  there may be a mistake here and there.  Please, send an email telling us mistakes you have found so we can get them corrected.

To read more about the USPC Quiz competition go to the US Pony Club QUIZ webpage - click here  

USPC Quiz Information Handouts

  • Summary of USPC Quiz Rally Phases:  Handout
  • USPC Quiz CLASSROOM Phase:  Information Handout
  • USPC Quiz STATIONS Phase:  Information Handout
  • USPC Quiz WRITTEN TEST Phase:  Information Handout
  • USPC Quiz MEGAROOM Phase:  not yet
  • USPC Quiz BARN Phase:  not yet
  • Do's and Don't's at the USPC Quiz Rally:  Information Handout
  • USPC 2012 Quiz Resource List (Questions are derived from these publications) 




Barn & Travel
>  BARN SAFETY WorksheetAnswer Sheet
>  Horse FEED Types and Rules and WorksheetAnswer Sheet
>  Horse Grooming Tools WorksheetAnswer Sheet
>  Horse Grooming Tools Game: Match-up game
>  Order of GROOMING your Horse WorksheetAnswer Sheet
>  Horse Management Worksheet: Answer Sheet
>  How to Tie a QUICK RELEASE KNOT: Student Handout
>  How to Tie a Quick Release Knot VIDEO
>  Stable VICES WorksheetAnswer Sheet
>  Stable VICES Match Game/Charades: Game & Instructions
>  TRAILER LOADING/UNLOADING a Horse: Worksheet & Answers 
>  TRAILER Equipment WorksheetAnswers
Identification of Things
>  Equine Conformation Faults WorksheetAnswer Sheet
>  Describing a Horse Student Handout
>  Horse FACE Markings Worksheet: Answer Sheet
>  Horse & Pony BREED Worksheet: Answer Sheet
>  Horse COLORS WorksheetAnswer Sheet
>  Horse PARTS: HEAD WorksheetAnswer Sheet
    Horse Head -Simulated Mega Room Activity
>  Horse PARTS: BODY WorksheetAnswer Sheet
    Horse Body-Simulated Mega Room Activity
>  Horse PARTS: HOOF WorksheetAnswer Sheet
>  Horse PARTS: LEGS WorksheetAnswer Sheet
>  Horse PARTS:  WHOLE HORSE Worksheet & Answer Sheet 
>  HORSE TERMS WorksheetAnswer Sheet
>  Horse LEG Markings WorksheetAnswer Sheet
>  How to MEASURE your Horse WorksheetAnswer Sheet
>  Fun Line Knowledge Games by the British Pony Club (PCUK) - click here
>  USPC D level On-Line Flashcards at Quizlet - click here
>  Pony Prep - videos and quizzes on many D & C level subjects by the       British Pony Club - click here (once the page is displayed, click a category on the right side of the screen for a selection of topics)
Equine Health
>  Leg BANDAGES - Plan-D: Student Handout  Teacher Narrative 
>  Equine DENTISTRY WorksheetAnswer Sheet 
>  Equine HEALTH CARE WorksheetAnswer Sheet
>  Equine VITAL Signs Worksheet: Answers
>  FARRIER Tools WorksheetAnswers
>  FARRIER Facts & Shoe Types WorksheetAnswers
>  FARRIER - The FIVE steps in horseshoeing, (coming soon)
Rider & Attire
>  Heat Exhaustion & HEAT STROKE: Worksheet Answer Sheet
>  How to tie a STOCK TIE Student Handout
>  Riding ATTIRE WorksheetAnswer Sheet
Tack & Bits
>  BRIDLE - Purpose and FitWorksheetAnswer Sheet
>  SADDLE Types WorksheetAnswer Sheet
>  SADDLE Fit WorksheetAnswer Sheet
>  SADDLE Parts Identification Worksheet: Answer Sheet
>  SADDLE Safety Sort Worksheet
>  TACK Care and Cleaning The Four Steps WorksheetAnswers
>  Tack Care Match Game: Match Game & Instructions
Riding and Sports 
>  Foxhunting Game: Match Game & Instructions
>  JUMPING Jargon WorksheetAnswer Sheet
>  Jump Types - Stadium Jump Types WorksheetAnswer Sheet
>  Jumps - Stadium Jumps: Match Game & Instructions
>  Jump Types - Cross Country Jumps Worksheet: Answers
>  Jumps - Cross Country Jumps: Match Game & Instructions
>  Riding in the Open Worksheet: Answer Sheet
>  Show Jumping Rules WorksheetAnswer Sheet